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Braintrust Morris

Braintrust is a high-precision ad-hoc Morris side formed in the diaspora of the Midwest Morris Ale for the 2010 season. Members of the team had been attending the Ale since 1999 with other teams, and precursor formations attended in 2006 and 2009. Braintrust has consistently attend the Midwest Ale since 2010.

The founding Braintrust side (in 2010) came with previous experience dancing with regular teams in Chicago, Boston, the Twin Cities, Ann Arbor and St. Louis, and as of 2013 the team includes folk who live in California, Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Louisiana, Texas, New York, and Massachusetts.

As a team, Braintrust focuses on style, attention to detail, and strong connections between dancers in a Morris set. We perform dances from a single tradition (style,) from a select repertoire of traditional and traditional-style dances. Since 2011 we have been dancing in the tradition of Bledington; however, Braintrust is not a Bledington-only team.

Given the geographically distributed nature of the team, Braintrust practices irregularly: one or two weekends a year, plus several regional practices as needed throughout the year.