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tycho garen
2 June 2009

I finally listened to John Gruber and Merlin Mann's podcast of their talk at the 2009 SXSWi conference, on "how to succeed at blogging/the Internet" and this, in combination with my ongoing discussion with enkerli about the future of journalism, and an article about gawker media has promoted a series of loosely connected thoughts:

Additionally I think there are a couple of unnecessary assumptions that we've started to make about the future of content on the interent, that are worth questioning. They are, quickly:

If the singularity doesn't come first, that is.

ps. As I was sifting through my files I realized that this amazing article by Jeff Vandermeer also, influenced this post to some greater or lesser extent, but I read it about a week before I listened to the podcast, so I wasn't as aware of its influence. Read that as well.