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Why Bother With Lisp?

tycho garen
16 March 2010

I'm quite fond of saying "I'm not a programmer or software developer," on this blog, and while I don't think that there's a great chance that I'll be employed as a developer, it's becoming more apparent that the real difference between me and a "real developer" is vanishingly small. Stealth Developer, or something. In any case, my ongoing tooling around with common lisp and more recently the tumble manager project have given me opportunities to think about lisp and to think about why I enjoy it.

This post started when a friend asked me "so should I learn common lisp." And my first response was something to the effect of "no, are you crazy?" or, alternately "well if you really want to." And then I came to my senses and offered a more reasonable answer that I think some of you might find useful.

Let us start by asking "Should You Study Common Lisp?"

Yes! There are a number of great reasons to use Common Lisp:

The reasons to not learn Lisp or to avoid using it are also multiple:

Having said that all of I think we should still start projects in CL, and expand the amount of software that's written in the language. Here's why my next programing project is going to be written in lisp:

Of course there are some advantages to "sticking with the crowd" and choosing a different platform to develop your application in:

Onward and Upward!