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Today's Bottleneck

ThinkPad x220 Review

Technical Literacy

Computing Literacy Project

9 Awesome Git Tricks

The Future of File Organization and Security

Is Dropbox the Mobile File System Standard

Tablet Interfaces and Intuition

Application Interoperability

Lessons From Systems Administration

Interfaces in Enterprise Software

Cyborg Analysis Discussion

Cyborg Analysis and Technology Policy

Better Task Lists

The Structured and Unstructured Data Challenge

Big Data Impact

Are We Breaking Google?

Cyborg History

Security Isn't a Technological Problem

These Shoes Were Made for Cyborgs

Packaging Technology Creates Value

Mutt Sucks Less

Desks and Stationary Mobility


City Infrastructure

Git Sync

9 Awesome SSH Tricks

Java and Me

Searching for Known Results

Caring about Java

The Price of Free

git readd and git aliases

Rule By Community

Laptop Queuing System

On Wireless Data

New Technology

Against Open Stacks

Ideology and Systems Administration

Bitlbee, The Wrong Solution that Works

Phone Torched

Wikis are not Documentation

Technical Writing Appreciation

Covered In LaTeX

Console Use for the Uninitiated

Collaborative Technology

Gear Mongering

In Favor of Simple Software

In Favor of Unpopular Technologies

The Worst Technologies Always Win

Who wants to be a PHP Developer?

Ease and The Stack

The Internet in Real Life

Strategies for Organizing Wiki Content

A Git of One's Own

Why Open Source Matters

Planned Obsolescence and Gadgets

Enterprise Linux Community

Analyzing the Work of Open Source

The Successful Failure of OpenID

File System Metaphors

Why Bother With Lisp?

Where is Java Today?

Input in the Next Wave

If Open Source is Big Business Then Whither the Community?

Conceptualizing Scale

Software as app Store

The Things I'm Going To Do Today

Kindle and Paradise Regained

There's a Widget for That

Tumblr Killed the Tumblelog Star

System Design and Organization

Git Tips for Writers

iPad Reactions

Putting the Wires in the Cloud

Decreasing Emacs Start Time

Independent Web Services

Beyond SQL and Database Technology

End User RSS

The Blog, Next in Lisp

Common Lisp, Practically

Thinking Like a Web Developer

Reading Habits

Three Predictions

Web Frameworks

Getting the Most from Arch Linux

Links on the Art of Techology

Email is Still Broken, but at Least People are Talking

How I'd Like to Be Notified

Doing Wikis Right

Notifications and Computing Contexts

Window Sizes in Tiling Window Managers

Building the Argument

technology task list

The Web Application Layer

Technology Update

On Wanting a Kindle

Industry, Community, Open Source

Radicalism in Free Software, Open Source

Package Mangement and Why Your Platform Needs an App Store

Links on Technology, Blogging, and Emacs

The End of Reusable Software

The Tiling Window Manager Story

Desktop Virtualization and Operating Systems

Operating Systems and the Driver Issue

Breaking up with the Web

The Odd Cyborg Out

My Phone is Smarter Than Your's

Links on Knitting, Emacs, Free Software, Cultural Studies, and the Future of Media

microsoft reconsidered

the day wikipedia obsoleted itself

fact files

writing like a programmer

the mainframe of the future

Free Software Misunderstood

On Reading and Writing

personal desktop 2

personal desktop

are web standards broken

on public key encryption and security

why arch linux rocks

distribution habits and change

Multiple Computers and Singular Systems

My Workstation Choices

New Workstation Trials

Org Mode Pitfalls

things I hate about the internet

on git: in two parts

dweebishness of linux users

the future of content

canonical freedom and ubuntu one

file system databases

notes from the fast

free project xanadu

writing in org mode

glitch and web experiments

free network businesses

why tiling window managers matter

The Obvious and the Novel

lessons from fiction

Lamenting Project Xanadu

Re-Rethinking GTD

Laptop Usage

Treating Users Like Idiots

Do Y'all Use RSS?

The State of the Discourse

Open Source Words

Mobile Emacs

Fact File Code

Wednesday Update

Contact, Cyberculture, and Samuel Delany

Handling Data

In Favor of Group Blogs and Efforts

Announcements, geek stuff, guest blogging

Fact File and Orbital Mechanics

Todo List Bloat


Systems Review

Sapir Whorf Hypothesis and Computer Programing

One True System

Mobile Technology 2.0

Dual Head Setup

org system

of the system

Integrated Writing Environment

Open Source Userland

Linux Emergence

Micro Blogging Review

Open Source Work

Awesome Window Manager

Of Email Filtering