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Today's Bottleneck

On Build Processes

Making Things Easier

Loops and Git Automation

A Life Changing Laptop Riser

Aeron Woes

Xen and KVM: Failing Differently Together

Minimalism Versus Simplicity

Constraints for Mobile Software

Remote Accessibility/Reverse Tunneling/Super Dynamic DNS

Tablet Interfaces and Intuition

Systems Administration Ideology Discussion

Lessons From Systems Administration

Interfaces in Enterprise Software

Tumble Manager

Sygn System

Packaging Technology Creates Value

New Media

Technology Futurism

9 Awesome SSH Tricks

The Rise and Fall of Netbooks

Against Open Stacks

Persistent SSH Tunels with AutoSSH

Wikis are not Documentation

Technical Writing Appreciation

Saved Searches and Notmuch Organization

In Favor of Unpopular Technologies

The Successful Failure of OpenID

Three Predictions

Desktop Virtualization and Operating Systems

Operating Systems and the Driver Issue

the day wikipedia obsoleted itself

the mainframe of the future

On Reading and Writing

personal desktop 2

personal desktop

are web standards broken

infrastructural commerce

technology as infrastructure, act three

technology as infrastructure, act two

technology as infrastructure, act one

things I hate about the internet

on git: in two parts

adventures in systems administration

database market

jaunty upgrade

Lamenting Project Xanadu

Laptop Usage

Database Powered Websites

Links and Old Habits

getting emacs daemon to work right

a working for loop

keyboard review

Wordpress Limitations


Mobile Technology 2.0

Dual Head Setup

Integrated Writing Environment

mcabber and IM

Awesome Window Manager