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Day 101-102

24 November 2012


I'm quickly approaching the half way point of the last sleeve of the sweater I've been working on for most of the last year. Because I knit sleeves from the top of the shoulder down to the cuff it means that the second half always goes much more quickly. I'm actually most worried that I won't have the finer points of the next knitting project picked out soon enough to get started on it before I finish this one (and that there might be a knitting void as a result.)

I'm thinking that I really want to see if I can knit a few really decent wearable cardigans, so that'll be the next project. First up will be to try and remake the sweater I'm working on now (which is really quite perfect,) I think with a cardigan version with more simple finishing touches (no fussy turned hem) and a slightly different pattern. If I don't have the right yarn in the stash, I know have some yarn for a sweater for my mother that ought to do the trick.

I'd prefer not to do the experimenting on a sweater for someone else, but


No additional work except for some small tweaks to the testing of the rent calculator program. Didn't get to figuring out and playing with Python packaging, which is more avoidance than anything.

Documentation / Cyborg Institute Projects

I finished the first draft of the rewrite of the stl project. I'm going to sit on it for a week or two, and then relaunch things, and will try to iterate on that.

Other Projects


I'm writing this report from a train headed back to New York city, until I head back to work on Monday I hope to: