Ok, here it goes, a few things have crossed my mind as being minorly irksome, and I thought that you might like to take note of them in all their snarky goodness.

1. It's my birthday tomorrow/today (may 19th). I keep managing to forget this. I thought it was next week somehow. I'm not good with this addition thing. Or maybe it's subtraction, and that's my problem. How'd it sneak up on me like that.

2. Why on earth can't someone make a good bluetooth mouse that I could buy. By good, I mean more than three buttons, optical sensor, and a normal sized. Also, I got a computer with an internal bluetooth unit because I didn't want to have to deal with something that I have to plug into the computer. Apple makes a nice bluetooth mouse, but if I'm going to lay down the money for a 60 dollar mouse, a few more buttons would be nice. A few other companies make these mouses, for about the same price point, but the mouses are small and cramped. I have an internal track-pad for this. The reason I want an external mouse is for the times I'm sitting at my desk doing something delicate for a long time. I don't want something that's going to give me a hand cramp. So I guess what I want is for Logitech to make their bluetooth devices compatible with Mac. How hard could it be. My Microsoft trackball, was plug and play. It wasn't even that good with my PC. Come on folks.

3. Why won't the Windows Media Player for OS X download and install right for me. I have a program (VLC) that will do what I need it to, but, it's poor quality, or a poorly designed program. Given that people aren't getting payed for the development I'm not that surprised.

4. I have to get up at like 5 am for a 7:30 flight to Detroit for the morris ale, which starts at 8pm. And given that I know all the mass dances save for one, (and I need to practice another) it doesn't start until say... midnight. How do I expect to stay up until 3 or 4, if I have to get up at 5? Really now. grumble Sorry if that made no sense to you. I'm going to a dance weekend memorial day, and I have to get up at an insane time for a flight. And the thing about dance weekends, is it's all about the pick up dancing and singing, which just starts at midnight. So I'm heading into this, with a handicap, I feel, and it's not a big issue, I'll just want to complain.

5. I wish school didn't rob my attenion span like it did. I've been sitting around here looking at the wall (and let me tell you it's very white and very unadorned) and I'm basically unable to do anything. I knit a few rows on my shawl and then I grow restless, and I'll spin for a short while, and then I try and write, and I'm not getting anywhere. Now granted I'm in the boring stage of the knitting, and I view spinning as either a deeply meditative activity, or a very social one. And I'm writing the wrong book. I've been reading philosophy senior thesis' that my dad gave me (and the associated theory) and so most of what would turn into tealart essays is this really futile look at so called radical french feminism in the 70s as it relates to modern queer theory. I think it's kind of interesting to draw these connections and do some thinking, but I think there's absolutely NO utility in hashing this out. It's important to keep in touch with our intellectual heritage to avoid constantly rehashing old territory, but I think there are better ways to expend energy.

Ok, five is enough for now.