Title: Listing Instead of Blogging

Ok, so with TealArt broken for the present interval, (they say it should be working soon, but who knows,) [1] I'm going to turn back to blogging here. It's interesting, the lack of the blog, or at least the possibility of having a blog around drove me kind of batty. And frankly sucked some of the wind out of the launch, such as it was, of tychoish.com.

In lieu of a proper blog entry I present to you a list.

  • I continue to be quite enamored of TextMate. It's like the app to beat/use. Someday I'd like to have a firmer grasp of vim, but for now. TM all the way.
  • I sort of jury-rigged a script thing for work using a Macro (which suprisingly enough I'd never done) a (very simple) regular expression and TextMate that saved me probably hours of my time. So I'm pretty happy.
  • I need/want to find some way to set up and start using an off site subversion repository for all of my most important text files and what not. I have some learning to do on the subject, but this kind of things needs to happen.
  • I'm running off to knitting camp on thursday, it's going to be awesome, and I'll try to blog about it. Here, if not on TealArt. [2]
  • I'm going to have a post on Zimmermania tomorrow morning.
  • I had a really encouraging conversation with the editor of another group blog. I might be able to blather somewhere else soon!
  • I'm starting to get into the zen of my job, and while I think its still a deeply weird experience that I suspect will provide plenty of writing material for the rest of my life. But that's how I tend to think of summer activities.

At this point in my writing of this list, TealArt has returned. I think my plain is: put up my monday post with an adendum tonight, station keeping tomorrow, knitting pictures on thursday, and Deleuze on friday, and we'll return to our regularly scheduled program next week.

  • I still want to write that Gatsby take off that I was thinking about last summer.
  • My knitting for this weekend is almost done. The bottom part of a sleeve (the faster part), another 2 rounds on the body of a sweater, and some work on an all new sweater just for fun.
  • I've realized that very shortly I'm going to have a lot of sleeves to knit. I hate knitting sleeves in the summer.
  • I remain pretty freaked out about next year, and what with it being july, I think that I need to focus more on this. Sigh. Denial is kicking out.
  • We'll be in touch, I'll be blogging throughout tomorrow.
[1]Frankly I think it's kind of weird that tychoish.com works and tealart.com doesn't. There's not a lot of good reason as to why this should be the case. Nevertheless, I will take what I can get.
[2]If any of you are worried that my acquisition of another domain will in some way affect my participation in TealArt, fear not, its being down is a definite drain, and I'm very anxious to get it back.