I did some blog writing for the upcoming week today. It was good, I managed to pull off nearly two weeks the last time I sat down and seriously wrote for the blog, so I haven't had the chance to really sort through thoughts like this in a long time. It's amazing how much writing blog posts provides me the space to work through things that I'm thinking about. It's also amazing to me how much I've grown to depend and expect this space as part of my life, and how scattered my thinking is without this blog. It'll be interesting in another ten years to see how this changes. In any case the real point of this little post is to say that I ran a word count of my efforts today and came up with a total around 3,800 words (turns out, this weeks is a light week). I remember in high school and college thinking that this was a lot of words. And it is, and indeed it's easier to write things conversationally for the blog than it is to write logically structured essays or fiction. But still. Evidence, I'm convinced that writing effectively is more about establishing habits rather than anything mystical.