Hi Folks! I meant to post this on the 2nd of July for our weekly letter. That clearly didn't happen. I'll blame it on the web-host, which is appropriate in this circumstance, but at least we're on a newer better server. In an effort to minimize the damage, we're going to post Station Keeping on Wednesday morning, instead of Tuesday, and knitting on Thursday. Sorry about that. I've missed this site in its little summer vacation almost as much as you have.--ty

Good Week!

I hope this monday is treating you well. It's been an eventful week here at the TealArt offices, and it promises to be another eventful week.

I started my job last week, and after a slow start I think I've found a pretty good niche and have an interesting task ahead of me. The project I'm working on, though finite, will probably not be finished before I'm through with the job, (this isn't a bad thing, just a statement of fact). I that this will require a certain amount of serenity in the long run. The other thing that this means is that my blogging time is getting crunched a bit, I hope that i can continue to cope, but I realize that there are things I seriously need to do, in addition to knitting, blogging, and work, so we'll just have to see.

Having said this, I've started a new just-tycho blog. It was around last week at tealart.com/tychoish; but now it has its own home at http://tychoish.com/. I hope you check it out and enjoy it thoroughly. I'm enjoying writing for it, that's for sure. I'm describing it as a failed tumblelog meets my personal notebook. We'll see where it goes.

In terms of TealArt this week; there'll be a new Station Keeping tomorrow, this one's a really fun installment. All of the writers have, I think, something unique that we're interested in talking about, and I think in an interesting way, it fits. While I've been writing a lot of the foundational materials for the series my personal project is think about the "history of the future." It's too familiar an idea for it to be original, but I think it's an interesting idea. So this weeks episode is a personal indugence, and I'm quite alright with that. I hope you enjoy.

Remember, if you want to join the SK writer's group, drop me an email and we'll get you set up. Also, if you just want to contribute a story, talk to me and I'll get you access to the writer's bible. Any Feedback you might have would be great.

The biggest news of the week, is of course that I'm going to be at a knitting retreat/event from Thursday-Monday. This means another drive to Wisconsin (I'm doing this a lot, it seems,) and a lot of knitting to do in prep. I'll try and take notes (and pictures?) so that I can share with you afterwards. I'll have a couple of pictures of sweaters that I hope to post soon. I'm also going to have a post on Zimmermania in the next few days so stay tuned there.

Sorry for not having more for you, I hope you have a good week.