One of the things I said when I closed TealArt for the first time, and that I'm reafirming now that I've closed it for real, was that I would spend more time contributing to other blogs. Because, other group blogs are important to support, and I think in this way, it becomes easier to support all of my various very niche interests, without letting tychoish become overly burdened with any one kind of rambling.

As I've mentioned before I've done a little bit of blogging for the feminist science fiction blog which is a great deal of fun, I'm planning out and writing a post for that this morning, which I'm sure that you'll see in due time.

The development worth noting in a blog post is the fact that finally coerced asked a friend of mine to add me to a blog he started a bit ago called Theory Schmucks which is sort of a pop culture meets undergrad cultural studies classes meets political blogging. I'm not sure that I quite fit the mold for this blog, but the co-bloggers are friends, and if there was ever a place to stir up shit, that's it. And it could hardly be less successful/exciting than my last attempt at theory blogging.

I'll post notes about new posts as I get them up, just announcing them by way of saying "here's what I'm working on."

I'm also a semi-regular on the Zimmermania blot, but I generally only post big project reports over there.

Onward and Upward!