So I was hoping to write you this morning from a brand new blogging system powered by jekyll that I did a little bit of tweeking on. Unfortunatly, all the pieces aren't all in place, yet. So tychoish is still a wordpress event still on wordpress. The highlights:

  • It seems to have not worked, because it's notion of categories isn't a bit more firm than my own notion of categories (ie. coda and tychoish), and there isn't any clever (or not so clever) way to get around this. It's way more geeky than normal, but basically there's no way (that I can figure) without categories to get an array/object of some segment of the posts without using jeykll's categories.

    The categories that jekyll has are really powerful, and my problem isn't so much how they work, as it is that I have 1300-ish posts written "in the old way" that I need to figure something out for. I'll do that, but it'll take a bit longer, and it'll mean that there'll be a more substantive update to the site.

  • I did something that I think improves jekyll, by adding an aditional permalink format to my fork. I'm not even passingly familar with Ruby (and I may have a slight professed disdain for it) and while it wasn't a big change nor did it require a bunch of logic/smarts, it works and I think I did it "right" for whatever that means.

    I also, in the course of this, got sed to work right, which was mostly just a case of me reading the manual wrong for years and then avoiding it. But personal victories are victories all the same.

I can explain my jekyll issue/need in more detail if anyone wants to help me hack on this. Cheers!