Hello everyone, I know that this is supposed to be the "Meta" Series for Station Keeping where I talk about my progress on the station keeping project and my thoughts about the prospect of blog fiction, and the intersection of storytelling and blogging. I have, however, begun to view this Monday entry, as a sort of "editor's notes," section like you might find on the inside of a magazine, and I think it's a nifty way to start off a week and a Monday [1]. So here I am.

Wither Station Keeping

I actually have news of Station Keeping: I wrote another installment, and while it isn't stunning prose, I think it helps establish a few characters, and is by far better than the other two installments that I've written so far. It's nice to know that with a little practice I can get back into the fiction writing mode: it stretches muscles that I'd almost forgotten that I had. These installments are necessary background and serve to establish characters, and the situation that our story is set in. They're pretty standard fiction, and while I like them, they're not "short stories" in any normal definition of the term. I have three more that I want to lay out at some point, but for the next little bit I'm going to be working on some funky not very plot(ting)posts, and a little bit of character documentation for internal use.

I realized, this week, that I do a great deal of character development in my mind, and sort of expect the other writers to be able to pick up on this. Thankfully they can't read my mind (there are dark corners that no one needs to see), but this means that I have some writing to do. We also sectioned off the wiki, so I hope that we can use this as a place to develop the story a little more. Still looking for 4 writers, at least, but the more content I/we are able to write, the greater our overall success. I hope. Stay tuned.

This week, on TealArt

I have some great content this week for you. Including free instructions for designing your own knitted sweater (brain power not-included), also now that the hypertext series has formally wrapped we'll move on to our new series. I wrote another one of the friday series' articles today and it was a blast. What is this series you ask? Wait and see. Friday has typically been the home of a more academic-related essay, and that will remain for the moment.

So lets recap where we are on TealArt these days: Mondays are for letters from the editor, and SK, tuesdays are for knitting, Wednesdays are a grab bag, Thursdays are geeky, and Fridays are for academic stuff.

It's almost like I have a plan, and five blogs. That said, I'm actually pretty pleased with it all. I'm still trying to figure out how to boost our readership (other than imploring you to tell your friends, which you should,) but someday it'll work, in the mean time, I'm having some fun with the site, I hope you are too.

Stay tuned and be in touch.

Cheers, Sam

[1]We'll ignore for a moment, the fact that I tend to write said entries on Sunday night.