tycho: So I like what I'm doing, but I think in a few years I'm going to start thinking about how to go back to school to do science studies work or anthropology.

Ben: Ah, that's cool, so what do you really want to do? [implied: with your life]

tycho: [Laughs] Really? Marry a couple of doctors and write and edit science fiction, I think would be pretty nice.

Ben: uh...


Ben: Did you hear about Paul Newman?

tycho: Anyway, so I was chatting about work/career stuff with this guy and I mentioned my eventual plan to go back and do anthropology/science studies grad school, and he was like "so what do you really want to do," and I said "marry a couple of doctors, and write and edit science fiction full time," which is the best possible answer to this question I think. Given that no one really knows what they want to be when they grow up. And if you're basically talking about winning the lottery, you might as well aim high.

Scott: Not a bad plan... Let me know if the doctors want a 4th in the mix!

pause, and tycho smiles

tycho: wait, I think you just proposed to me. [laughs]

Scott: Well... technically I proposed to the hypothetical other two... you're just along for the ride.... ahem

tycho: Right, and fair enough, really. But you wanted to be #4, and I'd be #3 and which gives me some sort of veto power or hypothetical precedence in the hypothetical decision making. [pauses] it's not every day that you get accidentally proposed to...

Scott: Ooops


tycho: I'm so blogging this.

Scott: facepalm