Hey folks,

Just a quick note. I'm going to take a two day break from posting stories to Critical Futures at the end of this week.

The reasons for this are twofold. First and probably most importantly, I need a break. In the last three months, I've posted about 28,000 words of fiction (nearly all of it my own) and even though much of it has been old content that I've been editing and revising as we go, it still takes a lot of time. And because, I'm my own boss, and can do these things, I'm giving myself a break. These are the perks of "going it alone," and besides, we're only talking about two days.

The second reason is that I've just finished posting the third chapter of Knowing Mars, the novella that I finished a year ago, and that forms the core of the first six months--or so-- of Critical Futures posting. Given the milestone, I think I want to release the first three chapters as PDF files so that people new to the game can catch up. This will form the core of next weeks posts, and it'll take a bit of extra time to prep. This means my break is effectively a little bit longer, you get special content, and we're all happy.

I'm starting to talk to other people about writing/sending stories to Critical Futures, which is something that in my more overwhelmed moments seems really good. If you have nifty SFnal work that you're tired of sitting on and want to see what it looks like in "print," consider submitting. I enjoy doing editorial work (and I'm at least half decent at it, my alter-ego makes a living doing something similar,) and I think Critical Futures is the ideal space for some pretty nifty writing. Get in touch and we can talk in greater detail about this. I see great things happening.