It's a new day. New things are going to happen.

I'm also getting some sort of bodily illness. It's probably stress-related, because it's way too early in the season for it to be at all allergy related. These things happen, and everyone around me is very much "ok, lets take a tactical approach to getting you better, and here's what needs to happen," and I'm sort of like, "meh, this too shall pass, this is why we have immune systems." And it is. And it will.

Sleeve Update: I about have six more inches until I'm done. Those of you who are familiar with my knitting habits will probably be aware that I've made nearly every sleeve for the past several years from the top (shoulder) down (to the cuff.) This means that this is the quick(er) part of sleeve knitting. It might get tedious because I have to switch to double points. I should be done with this soon. Then I can start the hem/trim and then work on another sleeve for a different sweater.

I realized that I have neglected my crit-group for a week, so I must put on the writing cap for a little while today. I've been out of the writing rhythm for long enough (a week? two?) that I need to sit down and do some serious planning/outlining and brainstorming. Which I think is going to be so interesting for you all. end irony.

I also haven't read non-academic anything in slightly longer. My approach on this is going to be, I think, a very bottom up sort of approach. Do some reading, do some planning, do some crit work, have finished sweater, and go from there.

Ok. I'm out. Have a good day. And I am still thinking about posting a bit of the breakout story that I have written thus far. Just for grins, but probably not today anyway.

Onward and Upward!