I suppose I should explain my blog post titles more clearly. Usually I write my "here's whats up with tycho," posts at the beginning of the day. Today I didn't. So today, we're doing it after words. Latin-ate-ly

In no particular order:

  • I did work today on the new TealArt. I did everything that I could reasonably be expected to do given the results I was getting. I still don't have the feed working correctly (it's a permalink issue, support request is out,) and once that gets done, I think I'm going to be very done with the site.
  • I joked with dave that when I made it big, I'd higher a web-developer/designer, to make something a little more appropriate for the site. It won't before a while, and I think what I have right now is plenty good, but... I'll probably be good for a while, and I can keep tinkering with it, but it's good to not fixate on the little details at the expense of doing the work that's important.
  • My thought is that TealArt will eventually be a sort of "boutique blog network." I hope to have a dozen or so blogs (maintained by groups of people,) on a series of semi-related topics. My thought is that the site would be a sort of "harpers meets women's day from the late 70s" for geeks. We'd do fiction and columns (journals/blogs) and patterns/projects/resources, and see where it goes from there. This follows in the vein of tealart-as-magazine, and while I have to hone and polish, I think it's a good start.
  • The other thing that I did today with regards to tealart, was that I began planning out content. If it's a magazine with a regular publishing schedule, it was helpful to think about copy that I need to generate, and this was a good move forward, for the important part of the site (ie. not the code).
  • I didn't write this post this morning because I was busy grafting the toe of a sock. This is the first time that I've ever managed to graft as sock and have it work out. I'm enjoying this sock making, and I haven't yet ripped out the sleeve that needs ripping. So I'm not actively working on sweaters at the moment, though I will be again soon. I also have a desire to make a pair of gloves, again.
  • This sock is knit cuff down. I haven't done a sock like this, in probably two and a half years. They fit really well, and I like all of the nice ribbing. Not that you can't make ribbed socks in the other direction, but the ribbing has to start later or look funny, thought this is really just an artifact of me being particular about the way my socks look.
  • I've been listening to Fiest's "Mushaboom," which I'm enjoying more than I really care to admit. This reminds me that I need to sync my ipod with some desperation.
  • I'm feeling, on the whole, more sane. Just a few more days. I've not worked more than a 10 hours in a week in far too long. (A month? Six weeks?) While this would have been a nice opportunity, given the craziness that this time of year seems to produce, it wasn't as productive as I might have hoped. Such is life. Once I'm at a point where I have both sanity and certainty in my life, I can move the whole "deal with employment issues," off the back burner and do something. In anycase, I have tomorrow off to begin to continue working on my projects, and begin to think about this.
  • I got metioned by someone on ravelry in a really good context. I need to spiff things up on my profile there like no other. But I'll have to just add that to the big todo list.

Ok, that seems like enough for now. I have a few more hours of writing-related things on my list for today, so I'll get on with that.