This is going to be a knitting post. But first a quick interlude:

Days on the Waitlist: 13

I also applied for two jobs. One a help desk job that will likely pay really well, but despite its mind numbingness, might be the right mix of work that I might enjoy quite well. The second is a web designer/developer job with a company that I think would be a blast to work for. Here's hoping. I really want to get into graduate school, and I think if I don't hear by the middle of the week, the chance of me hearing before, say April 10th (and more likely the 15th) is pretty low. If I hear before the 15th, the news is good, if I hear on the 16th I think my chances are 50/50 and any point after that: remote.

But this is a knitting post.

I'm going to take a few moments out of my travels today and stop by a hardware store and see if I can get 316(L) steel rods in size appropriate to knitting needles. Yes. I'm going to take a knitting guage and some knitting needles into Home Depot (which my mother and I call Home Despot). I'll report on how this goes. I'd like to get some 3mm (14 guage?) to make US 2.5 sock and gansey needles, as well as some smaller for grins.

Update: I found some steel rods, that were 3 mm, and some brass rods that were a little bigger, but so much nicer. Not surprisingly, no surgical steel. Your collective insight and wisdom is much appreciated, of course.

Also, I realized after talking to my mother that a member our logical family is a cabinet maker and would probably be able to help me figure out how to make a knitting sheath. This is also quite exciting.

I've also finished both sleeves of my sweater and have cast on for the body of the sweater which progresses with minimal speed, but at this point that's more than ok.

Anyway, Onward and Upward!