I kind of promised to myself that I wouldn't post about knitting until I had news and pictures. Well I do. So here we are.

I recently finished a sweater. I know craziness. Anyway, it's one that I've been working on since mid February, which means I figure based on a non-scientific study, that it's taken a bit longer than many of my sweaters. But it's knit with very fine yarn, and one of the pattern repeats was incredibly tough to memorize [1].

But I have to say that I enjoyed the experience, despite all these things that I fairly promptly ordered the yarn to make another, sweater with similar materials. There's something to this HD shetland stuff.

In any case, I present to you, this sweater. HD Shetland. US #2.5 needles, turned hems, my own design.

The other part of this announcement is that I'm going to be teaching a class at a local (st. louis, missouri, USA) yarn store on 2-color stranded knitting at the end of this month and the beginning of next month (June/July 2007). Email Me for more information.

Cheers, tycho

[1]This is of course my fault, given that I created the pattern using Excel and my own head. I suppose.