I'm not too sure where to put all this academic content.

It's all meta blogging on the state of the academy, and I found it in my search for Narrative/ID social science material. As 'everyone has a story' the the most generally focused academic, category. Representing ID (in this case ID is Identity, not inter-disciplinary. Oh if there were only more letters....) is more specifically academic, but it's a project blog, not a meta blog.

In that end I've added a new category called "The Academy," to TealArt. This one won't get it's own sub-site: after all, http://tychoish.com/ is really still where it's all at.

In that direction there are two sites that I'd like to point out right now.

First off it's Dean Dad, Confessions of a Community College Dean, which is really a delightful site. I mean, it should be more than enough to convince anyone not to dean, (I love how Dean and Adjunct are verbs, but strangely tenure track and full time faculty (to professor?) haven't made the syntactical transistion.) But it's clear that someone has to do it, and frankly I think this is the kind of guy who should be doing it.

Secondly. Jill, of Jill/txt, a Norwegian professor blogging (in unsurprisingly flawless english), discuses academia, linguistics, identity, and all sorts of other fascinating stuff. I'm enjoying it a lot.