Sorry I've been (more) absent these past few days. I remain well.

A lot of my writing time has been going to the novel project. I have a pretty good story-board level outline of the first act. Andy sent me a great link about writing narrative computer games which I'm going to be reading in more depth as I plan the second part. I can feel it starting to get together, so that's good. I've talked before about my trials with "research" in the context of my writing, and I think I'm doing better with this, and won't bore you with the details.

The funny thing is that I predict that at this pace I might be ready to start the draft during november, which means despite my crankyness about NaNoWriMo, I might actually start with the rest of folk around November 1. I have a lot of other projects that are going to be coming due about that time, so I don't expect that I'll actually get it done, and wouldn't think of trying, but that's cool.

I also am getting preliminary feedback on the novella. I'm encouraged.