Ok, maybe not, but it made for a good title, and I don't want to be here in two years thinking "yes, but which 'this week on tealart' is that?" when I'm looking through the archives.

There will be a Station Keeping update tomorrow, and I'm quite excited by it, it's one of my favorites, we introduced to more new characters, but I think we get to see interesting sides of both characters, and it was a joy to write.

Also tomorrow, I start a job working in an academic library/archive. I'm excited about that, and I think the work will be really interesting, this means that my time will probably be a bit short from here on out, but that's how these things go. I think I have enough time to keep up all the projects that I'm currently working on. The goal, is of course to get to a place where I can write effectively for TealArt (and other avocational projects) in a way that is efficient skillful. Or something.

I also admit that I've started a new blog tealart.com/tychosh, but I'm just calling it tychoish. Anyway the idea is that by focusing some of my nattering tendencies elsewhere, TealArt can fit the blog-magazine format that it keeps trying to be better, and I can have fun elsewhere. I'm not really using the LJs any more, I'm not getting rid of them, but I much rather doing it on my own, and I'm quite pleased with the way it works. I've used, as you might know, tumblr and I feel like the new site does all that I would want in a non-tealart site. And so while you think, "ah, he's dividing his energy, that can't end well" I think in a lot of ways, I'm really consolidating. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

The other news of last week, is that I got (all) my wisdom teeth out last Thursday. It kind of sucked, but I'm almost feeling normal by now. Thankfully it was quick, and I'm feeling better now. I'm glad that I forwent general anesthetic, and kind of sad (but not) that the narcotics made me more sick. Aside from some lingering pain and obvious tenderness, about all I have to show is a bruise on my cheek, [1] and a few days of lost productivity. I think that's why I spent so much time futzing with /tychoish--it was the main thing I had spare time for.

With luck we'll get a geek-related post from Chris this week, but I have my own in store: I wrote a post about note-taking and computer usage which I think is relevant to the kind of geek that I am, and I have recently come into a PC laptop which I'm faced with the problem of rescuing some files and then getting a working operating system installed on. I'm going to give Ubuntu a try (after, of course, I use Knoppix to rescue the files), but I think it might be interesting to document this process a bit more. This is probably not on the table for this week, but in the future...

There's always more Deleuze to get through, and I'll have a good one for you this Friday. I think I need to at some point--perhaps not immediately--do something to ground it a little better for the casual reader. I'm not sure what yet. I also finished reading a science-fiction book last week, and I think something of a book report is in order. Also, I know that the pictures of the knitting were popular, and I'd like to do some more of that soon.

Anyway, I hope you have a good week, enjoy what you read here. Tell your friends about this little corner of the internet. It can't hurt!

cheers, tycho

[1]Frankly, I'm amazed that I have a bruise on the outside of my mouth, effectively from getting punched on the inside. Bodies are weird, don't let anyone tell you otherwise.