First off, a couple of status reports

Days on the Waitlist: 7

I'm not sure how to report my current state of mind. I've been rejected from graduate schools long enough and consistently enough that I'm not incredibly optimistic feeling, even if I'm reasonably optimistic thinking. It could be over tomorrow, or it could take another four weeks. I'm working on job search things, which is daunting, but reassuring. Nothing I'm really looking at would further a career in academia, which is disappointing. Oh angst.

Sweater Status: Binding off the Hem

I'll probably finish all knitting on this sweater this evening, and wait a few days before I start blocking and sewing things up. Or I could start on that tomorrow. I'm pretty close, and that feels good. I'm so close. That's kind of cool.

New Computer Status Not ordered!

I got really close to ordering a new computer today: the "T" key on my laptop broke (it falls off every other time I press t). I think the problem is with the molding/wear on the catch on the upper right hand corner of the key. I was overly distraught by this: the "T" key gets a lot of use, and this basically rendered my computer non-mobile, which is something that I've come to really enjoy about having a laptop. Well I discovered a couple of things. First: you can order new keys on ebay for under ten bucks (which I've done), and secondly that I use the "Q" key significantly less than the "T" key, so in the mean time I've swapped them out and that helps some. It's of course not ideal, but it renders the computer useful for a while longer.

I'm starting to think that I'll just hold off on getting a new computer till the next rev of the macbook line, because this isn't a necessity, and I derive some perverse pleasure from keeping this computer working and running slim. I'll never produce a podcast with it, but, such things are overrated anyway, and I was a long way off from doing that anyway. I've probably just jinxed it, so I'm backing up the essentials offsite as I write this

I installed the normal old Ubuntu (GNOME) on the extra machine and it looks like it's running well. I haven't put it through the rounds, but it's in good shape. I need to find a good monitor to use with it (the one I have is 10 years old and a 15" CRT). I haven't hooked it up to a network, nor have I tested it with the internet, but I'm optimistic. I also managed to get through the install routine with the keyboard accidentally set on a turkish layout, which is a testament to it's ease, I suspect.

Because I'm still using OS X 10.4 and don't have the nifty new terminal with tabs, I switched today to "iTerm" which is a nifty terminal program that I think will help me stay a little more organized and what not. I also had a couple of VIM related breakthroughs: I discovered MacVim a decent (heh!) port/install of VIM to OS X that's more native and less crappy which gVIM always has been in my estimation. There's a windows linux program called "Cream" that I've always thought is pretty nifty, but it really doesn't work at all with OS X (I've tried. A lot,) but from what I can tell this MacVim does most of the things that I'd want from cream. I also upgraded the system vim to the latest version, rather than the 6.2 (or whatever) that OS X seems to come with (about time). So I think I'm making at least a little progress in VIM learning.

That's all the geek news that isn't, there hasn't been much else to report, other than angst and resume writing.

Stay well. That's an order.

Onward and Upward!