I have an Aeron chair at my desk at home. Confession.

I got it in April when I moved to New York City. The only piece of furniture that I had that I couldn't move in my (now former) car was my desk chair. I found a good deal on an Aeron chair and I rationalized to myself that the cost of the chair was actually about the cost of movers. Savings right?

It also helped, that I was leaving a job where I had an Aeron chair in my office, and I knew that in the short term I would be working from home. While my old desk chair was (and is) quite nice, it's not quite the same. Sit in an Aeron chair for a couple of two years, and it's hard to go back. I've sat in other chairs since then, and it's never quite the same.

Having said that, after a cleaning incident today, I would like to collect a few gripes about the Aeron chair for your consideration.

  • The assembly right beneath the chair collects dust and dirt in a proportion that doesn't seem quite possible. It's clearly an artifact of the mesh, and likely a commentary on the air circulation of my apartment.

    Regardless, dusting nightmare.

  • The arms scuff and scratch on desks, if the bottom of the desk isn't completely smooth. This isn't an actual problem: the chair still works fine and is as comfortable as ever, but it's a annoying.

I've never looked at the underside of a desk before seriously. With every other chair I've either ordered a variant sans arms, or I've take then arms off as soon as possible.

The Aeron arms are low enough that they've never bothered me, so I thought "might as well." But it's still annoying.

That's all.