The red sweater of doom is almost done, I have about 35ish rows of knitting to do before the ribbing (which itself will take about two hours.) I think my goal of having it done by Saturday, is doable. I'm not sure that I have enough time to wet block it by then, but I'm going for steam here.

I'm also going to have enough yarn left over to do something else with. I'm thinking that I'll buy a cone of black yarn to start with, and do something with the dark red and the black as a sort of subtle background for something. Another sweater. This seasons grey coat, and the blue and black grey coat are both queued up before this though. It'll be nice to have a sweater that's mostly made out of leftovers. "Woot! efficiency," I say.

The yarn store I'm going to be working at starts employing me on Thursday (dry run, and a last minute sort of thing; grand opening on Saturday). I hear there are going to be people camping out in the morning. Hence wanting to get the sweater done before then. I also have a crap ton of things to get done before then. Egad. It's weird, most of the mundane things in my life are pretty under control, and I'm not "behind" on any projects, it's the big existential things that are dragging on me: getting into graduate schools, a web design project, some larger aspects of the writing projects, numerous emails, and so forth.

Also, I left my power-cord at home today, which meant that I had to spend some time using a public computer. A public PC computer. It didn't even have Firefox! I was sort of at a loss of how to make things work (meebo was a lifesaver.) Also, while I would still consider myself proficient with office, it's a weird experience, and my recent move to IMAP was helpful in keeping things all sorted out, but I have to say that I really hate living inside of a browser, and I can't quite figure out how so many people do that...

Anyway, be well, and I'll be in touch.