Things you should know about, dear readers:

  1. I published a book and released a mess under the banner of the new Cyborg Institute. These projects are:
  • Systems Administration for Cyborgs

    This is a high level guide that introduces key systems administration knowledge domains and concepts. Possible subtitles include: "How to think like a systems administrator," or "Just add man pages."

    Read it now. Tell your friends. And please, send feedback and comments.

  • Taskfile

    Rather than use org-mode, I've taken to using a sort of hacked together makefile that aggregates task items from other textfiles. It works surprisingly well.

  • stl

    The idea behind this script is that it would provide a good way to report activity in a regular way so that I'd be able to look back over a log file and see how much I'd written (i.e. report word counts,) and also do a bunch of other straightforward reporting and logging.

    I plan to do a revision of this that's a bit less complicated and a bit more modular, but it's a nice proof of concept.

  • stack

    I've been meaning to publish this for a long time, but this project contains configuration files for emacs and StumpWM, with other systems to follow.

  1. I've made a bunch of wiki pages on Information Debt. Current pages include:

  2. I was planning on speaking at the Open Help Conference, on August 10-15th, 2012. But then, United Airlines canceled my flight and I spent the day in Terminal C of Newark Airport and ultimately couldn't make it for the conference. Which is a huge shame. My talk was going to be is about involving developers in documentation processes, about maintaining documentation, and about working with documentation "as code."

    The site I made for the talk is at:

    And the last draft of the slides are at:

(I was speaking on behalf of `10gen <>`_, my employer, `MongoDB <>`_ `documentation project <>`_ that I work on by day (and sometimes night.))