I wrote an article for my friend Melissa Barton about how to use computers/technology more successfully and more effectively, and it went live over the weekend. I'm really happy with it, and it represents all of the things I've been working through here, except tuned for a more general audience. It's also under my given name (gasp!) as if the tycho thing wasn't confusing enough as it is.

Emacs is great, and I'm a huge fan, but it's not for everyone, and for those audences, thinking about what we learn from "advanced useage" and then workind to apply that to more general use can be quite powerful. This is a different take on the "how to attract general audences," process. I guess I'm mostly arguing that rather than make software/hardware more "friendly," better to (also) educate users to be more gruff?

In any case, that's up. I'm also posting an extra tychoish essay on Wednesday because it didn't get posted (as I would have hoped) due to my error a few weeks ago. Stay tuned for that. Also, maybe new Critical Futures this week?

cheers, ty