It's been days since I wrote a journal entry. This reflex to blathering about my life is a sickness.

On the up side I've started writing more things that are, not this kind of entry on my own, so that's an improvement. At the same time, I'm having a hard time conceptually holding together the argument for an essay for any length of time. Maybe I'm just out of practice. Anyway, this concentration/focus/mental discipline issue is something I need to spend some time on.

Perhaps it's a good thing that I'm not really successful at trying to write fiction at the moment; I think that I would really be displeased with the results.

I wrote a knitting pattern yesterday. For a toe-up sock. This is my basic "easy/mindless" sock, and I really like the way that it turns out, so it's good that I've been able to write this sort of pattern out for the general good. I plan to do some layout/production work, and get it up on the tealArt site. Woot. There are other knitting related writing projects that I'd like to get more finished so I can queue them up.

I've also begun to make it possible for me to post entries to that won't get cross-posed to my live-journal. I think some rants and what not are better kept off live-journal, and I think modularity is a good thing in this regard.

I just did my taxes. That was both easy and impressively uninspiring all at the same time. Feh.

I think I'm going to wait till I hear (good news) from (a) graduate school(s) to make the new computer order. It's reasonable, it's not that long, I don't think I'll regret anything. I'm really, surprisingly conflicted about this, because it feels like a luxury and not a need thing. Zoe--current computer--was a luxury as well: my mum needed a computer for work and it made sense at the time for her to take my 12" g4 iBook (which remains a very good/useable machine) and me to get the PowerBook. It wasn't a necessary upgrade, but I had a really good justification.

Ok, I'm cutting the rest of the blather about the computer to below the fold, because, that just seems reasonable. There's not much else for me to report, really. I'll be in touch. You be too!

The truth is that I use a computer a lot. I'm a serious geek. But you knew that. While my other "hobbies" (reading, knitting) also require the expenditures of income, I'm really economical about them. I buy in bulk, I shop around, I don't stash yarns, and for the last 4 months I've been working in a yarn store, so I get a mean discount which I will confess to not using very much (I've gotten, one sweater project and a skein of yarn that has made/will make 2 pairs of socks). So yeah. Frugal, and good at resisting temptation...

And the truth is that I don't really buy other computer accessories. I may be a geek, but I'm not really a gadget person. In the time that I've had Zoe, I've spent ~175 dollars on an external hard drive. Period. So for the amount of use it gets, and the way that a(ny) computer facilitates, projects that are of prime importance to me (my work online, writing, etc.) having a more current tool wouldn't be a bad thing. So, I don't think I'm being unreasonable. But then, you know reason and necessity aren't exactly the same thing.