Hah. Today is my birthday. I seem to have made it through another year.

As an interesting side point, I think I got through 21 without using the privilege to buy buy alcohol at all, though I was carded to get into music venues and the like a few times. Just kinda funny.

It's been a tough year, I'd say on the whole. The graduate school rejection--to mention nothing of the utterly painful application process. Some frustrating and long-lived knitting projects. Employment has been erratic and frustrating. The blog has been really fun, and while I did get back into writing this year, but I think both suffered as I was dealing with school crap. Having said that things are starting to look up.

But the great thing is that things are feeling more and more together. I've been writing a little, basically whenever I can get a free moment for the past week. I have a job at least till the end of August, and I have a long range plan that looks like it might just work. Can't argue with that.

I think "Onward and Upward!" is particularly fitting in this circumstance.

For a long time I've dedicated a certain degree of energy in trying to looking older, because it's useful, because it's fun to pass, because I could. I suspect that uncovering all of the reasoning behind that one is beyond the scope of this entry. In any case.

I've realized, both by watching people out in the world, and by looking at the mirror, that for the first time in a long time, I basically look as old as I feel. I think. Actually as I type that I'm a little worried that I think I'm a bit younger than I am, because when I see people that I don't know who are probably about my age in their natural habitat, I almost always feel younger.

In any case, I think it's going to be a good year. It better be.