Or, Yet another reason I'm glad I didn't go to Antioch:

Adjunctification of Antioch:

Antioch College faculty members have noted these patterns with some dismay, and their allies fear that the university%u2019s board is intentionally trying to remove tenure. Officially, Antioch College could be reborn in some new form in 2012, after shutting down in 2008, and that four-year gap has people speculating about an underlying opposition to tenure. Under AAUP guidelines, an institution that eliminates tenured positions after declaring financial exigency has an obligation to offer any new jobs back to tenured professors who lost positions %u2014 but that obligation lasts for only three years.

(from IHE.)

I can hear the trustee's/admins now "i'm in your antoches scruwin' over your faculties, you hippie student luzzors"