Hey folks,

Last night I despite not having finished my previous sweater (the hem, it pains me) I sat down and figured out the design for my next sweater.

Anyway. I've wanted to host a knit-a-long for a long time, and I figure there's no time like the present right?

So assuming you're up for it, I'll get some files together later today/tomorrow with the charts and we can get started.

You'll need about 1200 yards/12oz - ish each of two (contrasting) colors of jumper-weight (fingering) yarn, with full disclosure that prediction is rough.

Because while I've knit many sweaters like this, I've never made this sweater yet. So it'll be an adventure for you. I have an inch done, so I should be a little bit ahead of you, intrepidly figuring out any of the errors in the pattern before you get there. It's sort of like the fearless fair isle project that Wendy did several years ago, only more, well, tychoish.

Anybody game? Tell your friends and stay tuned!

Onward and Upward!