This will be a quick post.

One of my projects this break has been to build up a habit of writing TealArt posts and to get a good backlog going. It's been pretty good, I have five finished entries in the hopper, and another few in more rough drafts, so as to ride through the rough parts of the semester.. But this is an urgent news item that I couldn't pass up.

While I'm waiting for the new version of quick time to download, in the hopes that I'll be able to watch the 3 hour Battlestar Galactica miniseries, (dear lord, I haven't downloaded a 50 meg application in FOREVER. What was apple thinking.) instead of doing laundry, finishing up some knitting, and packing.

I discovered that Apple released, or actually announced the new Intel Powered powerbook and imac. Allow me to offer this initial commentary.

Looks like a nifty processor. I'd like to see something that could top speeds hands down of the old powerbook (frankly I'm sort of embarrassed that I didn't even bother looking at desktops.) Come on. Also, that card slot? What's the point. now granted the PCMCIA card slot in my power book doesn't get a lot of use, but I have from time to time used it as a card reader. There are also, at least theoretically cellphone cards for PCMCIA...

On the upside. The built in camera is very nice. The new power cord I think is a really good step. I think the resolution should/could be a bit better, (the 15in powerbook is an awkward and non-standard size, so the screen, which uses all the room it can, has always been on the small size.) But part of me is still sour that I got one of the old ones with lower resolution.

But I really love Zoe, and I intend to keep her for a long while. (and renew the warranty come april/may). Having said that, damn I need to buy more ram, like no other. Else-wise I might have to claw my eyes out.

Anyway, download's done. Check out the apple website.

Have a good day.