Well, I posted something to twitter last night when I got in, but I realized that I omitted to post something here. The drive went well, mostly uneventful save the last 20 minutes, or so where it was a little snow/sleety. I remember an eight plus hour trip with R. across Wisconsin with worse weather in the dark, so particularly in comparison it wasn't an issue.

I hear that there's a digital camera on this trip, so I'll try and take pictures of my works in progress at some point this week.

I've started knitting the sleeve of the Morocco jacket, and I have 8 or so rounds done. It's top down (the sleeve) so it'll get much faster as it progresses.

I haven't really touched the "turkish tile" sweater that I'd been working on for the last week, mostly because I realizedzed that I'm scheduled to give a brief talk about steeking on the third of January, so I want to have this sleeve done or mostly done by that time. It might be a little push. Worst comes to worse, I'll break this yarn, put what I have of the sleeve on waist yarn and knit the second sleeve and then go back.

In other news, I've had a delightful little exchange with the woman who I worked with on my knitting project last spring (a year ago!). I found that she's read the site from time to time (how cool?) and that she's developed a (healthy) fixation on the "Knit 1 Crochet 2 Soxx Appeal," which is a merino yarn with nylon and an elastic binder. For socks, and quite reasonably priced. I find socks out of sock weight yarn to be a pretty unpleasant experience. Sweaters out of sock weight yarn: kinda amazing. This is one of those questions that I'm not sure I really want the answer to. So I'm thinking about getting some of this yarn to make a sweater. I've developed a rather curious interest in doing a cable sweater. I'm not sure if it will happen this year, but I have pretty good access to Rowan Wool Cotton (and maybe this K1C2 yarn?), and I don't have a huge queue of color work sweaters to knit, so we'll see.

My attempts to write haven't been quite as successful as I might have liked this morning, but I think I got a little bit of planning work done. I think the best plan is to not expect to get too much done (because it is a vacation after all). On the upside I finished another short story (my second) in the The New Space Opera book. It's good stuff. This means I've read the Nancy Kress and the James Patrick Kelly stories, I'm thinking about the Peter F. Hamilton next for no particular reason--other than the fact that I want to get a little more background in the british space opera resurgence, but this particular story is about angels (eh) and I'm thinking about trying something else. Because you know they're short stories and I can do whatever I want.

So there. More later.

Onward and Upward!