So, I decided to change the name of the TealArt blog again, as I'm sure you're all aware. While I liked the firefly reference (You Can't Take the Sky from Us"), and the cool grammatical insights of the newspaper like title (The Times of TealArt), the newest title is a reference to a class discussion I was part of earlier in the semester concerning "work in the generous sense." Since then a few of my friends have taken this modifier, and used it whenever we are bending the meaning of a word a little more than perhaps is necessary for the sake of argument. Examples include: Activism in the generous sense, resistance in the generous sense, truth in the generous sense, women's studies in the generous sense and so forth.

The thing is, that it makes sense for TealArt. I've owned the TealArt domain for more than five years at this point, and while I've grown quite fond of the color, I must say that the only reason I have the domain is that some fairly random person on a Greymatter discussion board gave it away for free. By this point, I think we are as much a part of it as it is of us. While I may have made allusions to being an artist (at least in the context of TealArt) at one point, I certainly don't now. Art in the generous sense, indeed.

While the recent transition to word-press 1.5 necessitated a little redesigning, for the most part, TealArt has remained quite consistent over the past year. But I'd like to submit for your approval, a new banner. Nothing radical. Just a change. It's about half the size of the current banner (kb wise, same visual size). It also uses a font derived from Jane Austen's hand writing. How cool is that? Thanks to Neil Gaiman.

Which one do you like more? I'll orient the winner the right way when I decide, I'm partial to the second: I think the lines look confusing in the first.

Cheers, Sam