Asus Claims Apple Tablet Is Real:

Can Apple turn the Tablet PC into a success when previous attempts have failed? The short answer is 'yes'. Any company that can make a mobile phone with no buttons, no picture messaging, slow Web access and no video capture into the most desirable phone on the planet can easily make tablets popular.'"

(from Slashdot.)

I look forward to this device, but I think the point is pretty funny.

Meanwhile, Zoe, my trusty Tiger-running Powerbook G4, continues to perform admirably, though the top plate on the lower left hand corner continues to rattle worrisomely. The current plan is to wait until WWDC and see what things are looking like then. I've toyed with the idea of buying/building a beige boxed ubuntu "server," but who knows, things work great the way they are, so I'm in no particular hurry. For the record, I got Zoe (nee Mona Ramsey) in May of 2005.