I think I may have mentioned a recent foray into spinning. I got some BFL, and attempted to do some navajo plying, and it ended miserably. Later tonight I'm going to spin up a sample in 2 ply and see how that goes. Also, I'm going to slow down the ratio, because I think I was over spinning the singles as well. This is hearty fiber, but it's longer staple than merino and I don't need to twist the hell out of it, I think. It's damn nice, and pretty easy to get a hold of, so I really want this to work out. Heh.

In other knitting news, having procured the proper replacement needle, I'm back to knitting Morocco. The secondary sweater, code named "turkish tile" is about 15 inches long, give or take, and I've officially moved it into the other room and on hiatus. I need to work on this sleeve, and if I need distraction from that there are socks.

You hadn't heard about the socks. Oh dear. Well, for reason's I can't quite comprehend, I have taken this sock back up, ripped out the heel flap which just wasn't working out for either of us. We're going to do some sneaky stuff with a thumb trick heel. You know where you knit across half of the stitches with waste yarn and then pick it out later and knit a toe (which is actually a short row shape heel. Wacky). And then of course both boyfriend socks, which I'm uncharacteristically knitting at the same time.

I had a talk with the owner of the store about ordering/carrying a spinning wheel(s). We're still not sure what the options are. We're going to have some sort of relationship with this company, but we're not sure if it's going to be an ad-hoc or more ongoing sort of thing. I'm going to spend some time tomorrow afternoon working on prepping another spinning wheel for sale, and spinning. It'll be nice to have my own wheel for real, again.

Anyway, I have something of a deadline (steeking demonstration on the 3rd) and a lot of sleeve to knit before then. If I'm not writing fiction think I had better be knitting on this.

Onward and Upward!