I'm sorry there wasn't a proper tychoish post last night. I had a bunch of life stuff to write that I put in a friends locked LJ post, so I could write full names out and mostly because in many ways it was a message to friends, who are on my friends list. I'll try and summarize and provide something a little more interesting for your perusal. Also, because I didn't post yesterday, I feel like I'm all sorts of behind.

  • I had a good conversation with a potential professor at a school that I really really want to go to next year. Though it's always a crap shoot because of funding and departmental politics, I think my chances are better now.
  • Having this conversation has sparked a lot of my own processes. I've been stuck in a lot of my projects for many weeks, and between that and having less free time (and therefore being less likely to waste it), and that's good. I've been really tightly wound, but I think I'm doing better with this.
  • I figured out a friend's secret last night. It makes me happy. There's a segment of the conversation about logical families (I'm stealing this from Armisted Maupin, but I'm not sure he's the creator; logical familes being the familes we build rather than the biological familes we're born to) Anyway, I really want to blog that has nothing (really) to do with the secret, but I don't know if I can write about it without giving the secret away, so I have to figure out how to write it.
  • The yarn store working is going well, and I might have pictures somewhere, but I haven't found them yet. Your patience means a lot to us in this matter.
  • I've been knitting a sleeve, the second sleeve of a sweater, most of this week. It's red. Very red. I'm going to run out of yarn. So if anyone has a few yards of Patons Classic Wool/Merino in a very very red color, I'd love you forever, but I suspect that I'm just going to have to buy a full ball. Sigh. I'm very close and this is frustrating. It's unfortunately a yarn that we don't cary at the shop, so I have to trck out to g-d knows where to find it. So close, it's frustrating.

I'll be in touch. Thanks for reading.