Dear gentle readers,

Don't delete things, ever. It'll just cause grief if you do.

This has been a tragic week for me in terms of deleting things that I don't mean to. Thankfully today's miss-hap was quickly recovered from. I need to work on getting a subversion system, or something( implemented, hardcore, because this is wild, and to be avoided.

I usually pride myself on having a fairly organized "system" for resources and files and what not, but I'm realizing that it needs some serious rethinking. Alas.

I'm also in that part of the week where my brain is utter mush. My goal for the moment, then, is to figure out a way to plan to have enough groundwork laid for the next few days of productivity.

Also, I realized that I have a whole slew of essay that are dependent upon me posting a particular essay that I haven't posted yet. So I have to rethink something. I might have to kill the Friday TealArt post. But It'll all work out; sorry for reveling too much of my thought process: I'm forever walking the line between interesting full disclosure and taking the magic away from whatever it is that I do.