Jared, of Sportive Thoughts has tagged me with a meme. And I'm totally up for such things. Because I'm a dork, and I usually get passed over for these sorts of things.

The rules seem to be: say eight things about your self, and then tag eight people who will do the same. Pretty standard, but whatever. Figuring that I have somewhere in the neighborhood of eight readers, I think you should all consider yourself tagged. Also, it'd be cool if you could post links to your blogs (where you've filled out the meme) in the comments for this entry. Rock on, lets get started.

1. I hate ripping out my knitting, and most of the cool knitted techniques that I now use are a product of not wanting to rip. 2. I'm an only child. 3. Regular Expressions don't really scare me 4. I have a fountain pen that matches my computer. Old meets new. 5. I make sweaters out of yarn that most people make socks out of (very fine) and socks out of yarn that most people make sweaters out of. 6. No one guesses my academic interests/discipline right (they always think I'm into literature or fine art or history). 7. I'm left handed. 8. I've been a blogger for about 8 years.

Also, and I suppose this might qualify as a #8, but I just culled about 160 items from my feed reader. I think they were mostly from bloggers that don't read this, but if it was, I will totally add you back.