This is part two of the monster that was begun with this. Enjoy!

G: Why do you always talk so much... and say so little?

H: Just delete.

G: That's stupid, it doesn't help much.

H: But cleaning up those extra spaces is so satisfying.

G: Why not?

H: Picky picky.

G: At least I have one for when you come in yelling.

H: What?

G: (?=^[A-Z]{2,})


G: lets just move on to .

H: We're there.

G: No, we're [GH]

G PAUSES: and this is ^[GH]:

H: Shut up.

H PAUSES: ...and I don't think you need to escape:'s.

G is silent for a moment: You're the one with the book.

H: you're no fun.

G: And you can't find anything.