H: Hey buddy

G to himself: [^H], please [^H].


G: Remember last week?

H: what with the [[^\n\t][^\W\w]] here

G: yeah

H: what of it?

G: well,


G: try: .

H: fucking a.

G: and be done with it.

H: sigh

G: not quite

H: damn

G: I think the real question is why can't people actually learn to format a file in a logical way from the onset.

H: Amen.


G: So what do you do with all this amazing perl power?

H: Not much, most of the time, actually.

G: You're holding out on me.

H PAUSES AND THEN MOCK SURRENDERS: Ok you're right, I deleted X, and now the I rule my computer with an iron fist.

G: Liar.

H: Yeah, you're right.

G: Damn it.