So rather than post something witty about regular expressions with our friends G and H, I'm going to post some links that I've gathered about regular expressions and sed. First up, regular expression resources:

I'd like to make special note of this final item. GREP in Project command for TextMate. It's awesome, and uses GREP, a great fast command line tool for Unix to search projects (and files as well) in TextMate. And it's pretty. You can't argue with that.

This is almost a good transition into another bunch of links that I've collected on sed. Sed, (Stream Editor), is sort of a text editor with out an interface, and lets you basically use regular expressions to do find and replaces from the command line. Pretty awesome if you ask me. Anyway, read and learn.

Sed Tutorials

Have a good weekend, I'll be on tychoish this weekend, and I'm always an email away.

Cheers, tycho