I really like big projects, you know a big project that takes a long time to finish, like say a long knitted jacket on needles with a 2.5 millimeter diameter, or a novel. I think it's a personality thing. I also really like the thrill of finishing big projects; I also really like the fact that projects like these can get done. It is possible to finish a sweater. It is possible to write a novel. There are a lot of things that we dedicate time to (often "work" things) that are never ending, and I think this is why the big-project thing is a useful adaptation: it makes it possible to obsess over a project, for a while, but then, eventually it's done.

I think this is part of the reason why I need to go to graduate school: it fits my temperament. It would, however, be impossible to communicate this with the admissions committee, but perhaps in person, I'll be able to communicate it without coming off as creepy

In any case, while I've been pretty productive this week, what with the big paper and the grad school application, all my other projects got moved to the back burner. So I find myself without a big primary project underway. Here's what I'm (thinking about) juggling.

  • the redesign of the TealArt website
  • Breakout, the novel project I'm working on
  • design of the next sweater project
  • more graduate school stuff
  • station keeping, season 2
  • revise the Mars novella and think about publication (contingent).

I figure I have 3 weeks before I need to have a new sweater design ready to go. Season 2 of station keeping depends on having the new TealArt website ready to go. The new TealArt is something that requires a ton of work, I think, but is something I desperately need to do in order to be able to host the knit along-s that I want to be able to host. And of course I want to write, and I haven't been able to do that for me in a while, so that's up there. The novella edits are contingent upon getting feedback from readers. I have a really entertaining offer concerning the book publication, but again, contingent upon feedback.

So that's what I'm up to. Hows you?

Onward and Upward!