It's black friday and while I'm not hopping or anything like that. I have gotten some things done that I thought I'd share with you. So I think a good old fashion list was in order:

  • I did some updating to the theme. There's now a tag cloud and tag support in the theme. I like how this is working. I don't want the site to look too much like "yet another WordPress" blog, but it works, and I like the look of the site.
  • I took a lot of pictures of knitted things today, and I'll be posting pictures of these projects here and on raverly as this proceeds.
  • I finished the first chapter of the novel, or at least a good first attempt at said. My current novel-related project it to work out more clearly how I'm going to procede. It's steeping for the moment
  • I was talking with dave last night about cool blogging things, and it inspired me to work on Station Keeping again. I have done the necessary editing to the file for the season one recap, so it all works great. I also wrote the first third or so of the next episode for Season 2. I think this beginning of January start date might be real.
  • I forgot to take pictures of my current knitting. Oops, I'll have to fix that.
  • I finished a sleeve yesterday. I'm chugging along on the second and my last sleeve of this sweater. When it's done, I feel like I should be able to cast on another sweater. ;)

Here's the picture of my red sport sweater that I (also) blocked right after dinner yesterday:

Wearing Red Sweater
Red Sweater on Table

It's big. Really big. I'm going to felt it, I've decided, because it's too big length wise in every direction, and pretty good width wise. Some concern about the sleeves (of course), but it's sort of silly looking, and I think a little bit of fulling will add some much needed stability.

I wanted to get before pictures of it in any case. The first sweater that I made in this style (I got pictures of it, don't worry) is also fueled for much the same reason, so I'm not concerned.

Anyway, There you have it. Have a good day not shopping hopefully. I'm going to go do something utterly lazy.

Onward and Upward!