My mother and I decided to set the twist in our stash of unset handspun. I had two skeins and she hand three, and they're currently almost dry on the fence in the backyard. This inspired me to do a little blocking of the sweater that I've been dreading for some weeks.

And you know, I let it soak for a long time, and I have it laid out on our blocking mat and, by gum, I actually kind of like this sweater now. I was able to sort of mold the neck line into a slightly more appealing shape, and with luck, it will be a good sweater. It'll be a couple of days before it's dry, and hopefully it'll soften up a bit (as this yarn typically does.)

In other knitting related news, I've begun reknitting the sleeve that we ripped out yesterday. It was cathartic, but not as much as I would have liked. And I have a lot of knitting to do to catch up with myself. Sigh.

In other knitting news (look folks, a whole post with only one topic!) my mother has set a project goal with herself: she's going to make ten pairs of socks before she starts on any more lace or sweater projects. Well, she's already started the first two pairs of socks, so eight more to go, and she expects this little endeavor to take until June.

Because she's recalcitrant and doesn't have (or want) a blog of her own, I'm going to be posting entries with updates of her projects whenever she sends me pictures. Because, you know, I can, and it seems cool.

I'm sort of making my own knitting goals. Finish the projects that are currently in progress. Knit from stash. Never have more than one sweater on the needles at once, or if you do, don't have two color work or two plain sweaters in progress at the same time. Less interesting perhaps, but I think they'll add a bit of much needed structure to my life.

Structure here I come! Onward and Upward!