As I am, apparently, entering into a new blogging niche, I've been trying to get the word out about Critical Futures and looking around at the field. Here's a link dump with what I've found, if you're interested.

  • Space Haggis - Great name and it has an interactive element which I think is really clever, though it's not my piece of cake, I can totally see why this project is so popular.
  • BlogFiction Blog - Good meta site/community. Good resource.
  • Sound of the Void - Fairly straightforward "blog-novel," but it's there.
  • flogalicious given my readership, I think the term "flog" for fiction blog is likely to cause more confusion than it's worth, but this is a great directory, though I'd love to be able to offer some advice for folks as they write their blurbs.
  • fiction volante - Though it's almost over, the concept is really cool, and my hat's off to the author for a successful year.
  • Horton's Folly - This blog is more of a fictional blog, that is, not a blog of someone's fiction project, but rather a blog by a fictional character. Interesting idea, and I do like the way that it toys with identity, and narration. I'm clearly pretty fond of this kind of play.
  • A Change and Weather this is another single project blog, fantasy (there seems to be an abundance of fantasy in the blog fiction world,) and it looks pretty nifty.
  • The Wikipedia article is also a great resource, though I think it's not a particularly good exemplar of wikipedia.
  • ETA: - I just got my beta invite from the new tor website. It's very nice. I'm excited. In some respects this is just a traditional formed venue online, so we'll see how it works out, but the truth is that there aren't many of these types of publications either, so it's welcome.

There's also a multitude of original (and otherwise) fiction on livejournal, I'm not going to pretend to catalogue that in anyway. Do people have other favorites?