All of the outlines for the novel length projects I start, have a space at about the three-quarters point that says "overflow area to catch up before the end". I always have a couple of scenes that float between chapters, and having a place before the end where I can sort of take a deep breath and get things lined up perfectly for the climax and end is a good thing. Anyway, this isn't really a writing post, but the current project has one of these areas, and I'm so going to need it. In part because of chapters like the one I'm writing now. It's full of great stuff, that needs to be in this book, and I love the way it feels to write it. At the same time None of it was in the outline. All this by way of saying that after a few weeks of not really "having any fiction in me" I've returned with a vengeance to this novel, and I'm having a lot of fun with it. Great stuff.