I feel really bad using this title on a post about knitting, rather than something academic (either in Gloria Anzaldúa's sense; or in an Eriksonian inspired developmental sense.) But it is what it is.

I'm working on the home stretch of the Morocco sweater. I'll probably be done with the knitting sometime today. I think it's going well, I'm a bit worried that the neck is a bit long, but it's a jacket, and I don't think that the neck will be too wide, so it should all be fine. I'm real close though. That's exciting.

I'm working on getting set up for the next sweater and have the provisional cast on all set up and I'm going to get started in earnest in the next few days. I think it's good to have the body of a sweater at least started when you're working on the sleeves and collar and hem of another sweater. It prevents the nasty problem of "running out of knitting," and also only having complicated knitting that requires tools, complexity, concentration.

Other than that, work in the yarn store to do, and some paper writing, and not a lot else going on. I'm hoping that I can close out these applications pretty quickly next week. I think my sequence on this project is:

  1. Write professors at two Northeastern Universities.
  2. Have GRE scores sent to one school.
  3. Fill out and complete application for Southern School, while waiting for response from the two professors. (Including my zipper paragraph for this school).
  4. Write zipper paragraph, and finish application for larger Northeastern School.
  5. Write zipper paragraph and finish appliaction for smaller more urban Northeastern School.

Then I'll be done, and I have a couple of weeks to get it all done, but I would of course like to get it all handled and done with speed so I can concentrate on things like:

  • working on the new tealart.
  • writing on the novel.

Well that's all for now.

Onward and Upward