Hey folks I'm writing this entry actually sitting at my desk because I'm offloading about 35 gigs of crap onto my external storage. Which means I have to be connected by a cord. So I'm not sitting here with my feet on the desk and the computer on my lap. How lame is that?

I think some days that I really just need to suck it up and buy an external/wireless keyboard. Non really inspire me, and I'm so incredibly used to laptop keyboards, that other keyboards feel awkward. I'm thinking of actually getting one of the new apple keyboards, but I can't quite stomach that either.

I found a ruler and measured the new knitting project. I need to take a preliminary picture, but it's 5 inches long now! And I only started on it Thursday night! It's knit with slightly bulkier yarn than my last sweater. By comparison, this one has 335 stitches total; the last one has, nearly 400. Same needles.

So I'm zipping along on it. I figure another week or two till the underarms, if I force myself to keep a moderate pace, and work on nothing else. The former will probably happen, but the later almost certainly wont

I'd get started on the sleeves but I've promised to cut steeks on jacket as a sort of performance art thing at the shop. If you're interested in seeing a steek cut in person and you're in St. Louis, drop me a line, or leave a comment and we'll make a to do of it. The sleeves should go fast. The armholes are huge (it being a jacket and thus needing to fit over other things), so I can safely decrease two stitches every 3 rounds the whole way without worrying about anything. The pattern is also pretty straight forward. I look forward to being done with this project, but I'm not as close as I could be and there's no particular reason to rush this.

Also, my mother made Ice Queen last week, and I really like the object. A cowl/hood/hat/wimple thing, and I'm looking for a way to sort of. ahem butch it up. I'm thinking if I do less conspicuous increases to get rid of the lace, and use a heavier yarn (like sock yarn,) and avoid the picot edges, it might be worth a go. It's a quick little thing, and it might take a couple of tries, but there's possibilities: I just have to fiddle.

Anyway, the copying is done and I have hard drive space again, so I'm off to try and be more productive.

Onward and Upward!