Long story, short punch line. I was developing a website the other day, and I realized that I had to do some compatibility testing with other browsers. While I have a webkit-based browser lying around for these purposes I had to turn to BroswerShots to see what the site looked like in certain windows only browsers. this lead me on something of a little mystery hunt.

I did some checking on my stats and I found that a majority of the visitors to this site are firefox/mozilla (gecko users) and there's a sizable minority that uses Webkit browsers (Safari/Chrome/Etc.). That takes care of about 75% percent of you. The remaining portion uses Internet Explorer (IE).

So be it, really, I mean, I'd try Chrome, or Firefox if you can, but the truth is that by now IE 8 (and even 7) render pages more or less the way they should, and I don't have a big gripe about that (which accounts for 3/4s of all IE useage). There are, however, a quarter of the IE users (so 6% of you,) that are using IE 6. Which actually, can't seem to render any pages correctly, from what I can tell.

Since I already know what browsers you use the survey then should be:

  • Why do you use the browser you use, particularly if its IE or IE 6
  • Do you prefer a brwoser that's fast, but light on features (All WebKit browsers henceforth deployed), or a slower but featured filled browser (Firefox?)
  • Are you trying to use your browser less than you currently do (taking work offline,) or more (putting more things into the cloud)?
  • What do you think the "next big thing in browsers is?"